Introduction to bETH

As a platform whose yield is powered by staking rewards from various Proof-of-Stake blockchains, we are thrilled to announce that Anchor is partnering once again with Lido to launch bETH (bonded Ethereum; wrapped stETH on Terra), which was proposed to be whitelisted as a collateral option on Anchor Protocol! As the first collateral option to bring in staking rewards from outside the Terra ecosystem, we’re expectant of the growth in TVL via the inflow of stETH liquidity, as well as the growth of APR through stETH rewards converted to UST on Anchor.

Lido is a staking protocol for Ethereum and…

Dear Anchor Community,

Anchor has been steadily expanding its reach across DeFi and Fintech, partnering with companies like Yotta, Nexus Mutual, InsurAce, Bridge Mutual, and Orion. Furthermore, the ecosystem is growing to enable Ethereum-based stablecoin deposits (USDT, USDC, BUSD, and DAI) to Anchor for 15% yield through the launch of EthAnchor.

Upcoming plans include the launch of bETH, which would open up the possibility of using ETH as collateral on Anchor, as well as a ForEx interest market on Anchor. We’re excited to continue exploring the possibilities on Anchor.

New Features & Governance

  • EthAnchor goes live, expanding the Anchor yield offering to USDT, USDC, BUSD, DAI, and…

Introducing EthAnchor

We announced the launch of Anchor Protocol in March 2021, which enabled users to deposit UST on the Anchor web app for 20% yield — the first protocol to promise both stable and high interest on stablecoin deposits. The recent market turmoil has stress-tested Anchor’s ability to provide stable returns in extremely volatile market conditions, and while there are improvements the Anchor team is implementing and fine-tuning (detailed in this thread), what was clear is that Anchor delivered as intended.

Anchor’s APY is intended to be between 18% (threshold limit) and 20% (target limit), with the protocol dipping into the…

Dear Anchor Community,

The events of the past month have tested Anchor Protocol on several fronts, which we’ve delved into here regarding the issues, as well as the measures taken to address the issues. We have also overviewed the overall performance of Anchor during the market plunge and covered developments here. Amidst stressful market conditions, Anchor has proven its ability to continue providing stable yields (18–20%).

Based on community feedback, Anchor has enacted a number of changes, including reducing airdrop claim fees down from the original $0.50 to $0.05. On the web app, the borrow limit graph has been changed to LTV, and…

Dear Anchor Community,

This is the first edition of the Anchor Community Update, following the highly-anticipated launch of Anchor Protocol in March 2021. To look back on the highlights of the Anchor launch, see Terra’s March 2021 Community Update. We’re thrilled to announce some key milestones, as well as keep our community informed of the progress of Anchor Protocol. Thanks to incredible community support, Anchor Protocol has reached nearly $1 billion in TVL within 6 weeks of launch! We’re constantly listening to feedback from the community and are implementing key features with user feedback in mind.

Below, the FAQ covers recurring questions from…

Anchor has arrived. We’re thrilled to present the newest flagship DeFi product of the Terra ecosystem — a decentralized money market that provisions a stable 20% APY to depositors on the demand side and a supply-side (e.g., borrowers) that only accepts liquid staking derivatives from major proof-of-stake (PoS) chains.

Anchor is not your ordinary money market.

It’s designed to provide the benchmark interest rate for DeFi, the first decentralized challenger to the Federal Funds Rate (FFR). It pools the only unlevered source of yield in DeFi, staking emissions from major PoS chains like Terra, Polkadot, Cosmos, Solana, and ETH…

Anchor Protocol

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